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Red Flâneur

Flâneur  French.  A man who saunters around observing society.


The Red Flâneur is the story of a red balloon's travels to find its owner once again. It is to capture a lighthearted tale of adventure. The balloon begins by departing a young girl in Central Park of New York City. It sweeps around the world, highlighting iconic features and landmarks of different geological locations: New York, the Atlantic Ocean, France, Italy, Egypt, Russia, China, Australia, and Hawaii. This is not the entire collection of images, but just a highlight of the stronger pieces. Eventually, the balloon returns back to the girl at her bedroom window.

All paintings were created in 2014 using Illustrator and Photoshop. The layout of the collection is to mimic the design of a book, with the beginning and last piece in a Portrait composition (the cover), and the filling pages as Horizontal compositions (the meat of the story). With this visual narrative, I used many references in regards to the geographic features, locations, architecture, and native foliage. This not only helped to keep the story accurate, but develop unique and complex settings for each environment of the story.

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