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My artistic abilities extend to various techniques for content and material creation; extending from Photogrammetry, Proceduaral work, as well as hand-crafted sculpting and hard surface modeling. This diverse array of creation technique has allowed me not only to create quality quickly, but also well-rounded when knowing how to communicate with other teams, problem solve, and optimize. As a Look Dev artist, my position is to aid in developing content and processes that relays competitive quality, while colaborating with other teams to maintain cohesion of vision.


  • Photogrammetry capture/photography, color correction to sRGB, processing base scans, mesh clean-up, and    baking and optimization.

  • Creating, organizing, and managing asset manifests for biome and library content on several internal LD projects/initiatives. Used across teams to gauge on project asset scopes.

  • Supporting intern/associates on several projects for feedback, assignments, and general support.

  • Public speaking and representation on behalf of Microsoft’s Turn 10 Studios to students on college visits. This included interviewing for our annual Summer Associate program.

  • Ability to communicate across multiple disciplines and collaborate efficiently with other teams.

  • Multitasking and effective time management to meet deadlines between several team tasks across various disciplines and responsibilities.

  • Abilities to do compositing and roto work, as well as basic video editing/cuts, using programs 

Work Experience

Microsoft | Turn 10 Studios | Look Development Artist

Title | Forza Motorsport (2023)
Redmond, WA    
April 2020 - Current

Joined the team for a full time position to continue to develop artistic integrity of the next generation in Forza.

  • Xbox Summer Showcase of 2020 - Aided the team in the making and polishing of both Laguna Seca corner and interior Photo/Garage space. Responsibilities ranged from asset creation, on site shooting of reference and assets, photogrammetry processing and cleanup, set dressing sections of the room and bug fixing.

  • Various projects internally, working closely with our Vegetation team to develop and problem-solve terrain blending with photogrammetry features. This was demonstrated on an internal project that is still in development.

  • Various Look Dev team projects constructed from the ground up and polished to finish which were used to convey artistic direction, idea, and aid our Concept team in fresh content to the Forza Franchise within our engine. These projects are then used as visual goals for other teams to pull from for planning of a track’s off-track design, composition hits, features, cinematic layouts, and much more.

  • Conceptualizing the use of a modular set system for repeating features across tracks. This was to demonstrate a for a new system that our tools team was developing. 

Microsoft - Turn 10 Studios - Look Development Artist (VIA Aquent LLC)
Redmond, WA     October 2018 - April 2020

  • Contributed to the creation of a highly detailed, photo-realistic, best-in-class Motorsport track, which     was used for proofing the use of latest work flows and technologies to present a new vision of the Forza     Motorsport franchise while providing the opportunity to solve complex visual, design, and workflow challenges.

  • Contributed to create a digital double of a production studio utilizing all photogrammetry. Techniques used ranged from shooting assets on site, responsibility for processing all photographed scan objects shot by the team from the trip, clean up work on several meshes and textures, and set dressing the studio to match one-to-one with reference. Work is public and can be found on the current teaser as of July 2020 for Forza Motorsport.

  • Asset manifestation management and maintenance on both latest internal look development projects.

  • Conduct and propose progressive competitive analysis on current graphics while collecting and organizing informative feedback from multi-discipline team leadership.

FTD Comapnies, INC. - 3D Generalist (Intern)
Downers Grove, IL     June 2018 - August 2018

  • Worked alongside the Principal UX Designer to establishing a digital 3D presence within the company’s     structure, future prospects, and first steps to utilizing photogrammetry processes.

  • Asset creation for a conducted Turing Tests that demonstrates a side-by-side of current product photography     and a replicated digital double.

  • Collaboration on mapping timelines and gant charts for 3D production to propose time and budget needs     from leadership teams.

  • Final presentation of work to highlight created projects and the plans moving forward in the company for a developing 3D department.

Hasbro Cake Mix Studio - Collaboration Course With SCAD
Savannah, GA     January 2018 - March 2018

  • Research and develop concepts for a series of interior and exterior digital environments to be utilized as     locations and backgrounds for future marketing content. Presented in a pitch to the client.

  • Worked alongside four other artists to complete one full environment and set strategy for look development     workflows and techniques of environment assets.

  • Exploration of photogrammetry shooting and processing for environment assets.

  • Bug fix support for all assets and basic lighting in assigned digital environment for UE4.

  • Final presentation of work to the client and aid in delivery of product.

The Mill (NY) - Mentorship Course with SCAD
Savannah, GA     September 2017 - November 2017

  • Created 3D models, lighting rigs, and composited final shots in a team of three. 

  • Shooting project background slates, as well as 7 stop exposure HDRIs using two techniques: the chrome ball technique and Theta S.

  • Maintained a personal blog to the three mentors of the Mill and collected critique during live weekly sessions.

  • Animated a car rig for one composited shot presented as “Driving Down Dirt Road”. Responsible for the material creation, light matching, and final composited shot.


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA
B.F.A Visual Effects - Magnum Cum Laude

      September 2014 - June 2018

      Deans List | September 2014 - June 2018



Maya (and Arnold Renderer)

3DS Max


Reality Capture

Quixel Tools

Substance Painter

Substance Designer

Project Tools

Proprietary Engine

Adobe Suite

Unreal Engine




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