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Below is a selection of 3D sculptural work that I created. These works were completed during 2015 as Savannah College of Art and Design under the instruction of Professor Matthew Toole, a practicing Sculptor of the Savannah Area. His course taught me the importance of a strong foundation and spacial awareness that I took with me into my 3D works.


The Barnacle was created myself and two team members as an entry for the 2015 Prysmian Group SCAD Collaborative Competition. Overall, the sculpture placed in the top 20 of all entries.


The objective of the competition was to use found objects and recycled materials  provided in a crate by Prysmian Group to create a functional or practical sculpture.


In its entirety, the sculpture was comprised of a melted plastic mass, for anchoring, hand cut wires, glue, and gold necklace chains. Inspiration was taken from the tubing that seemed to imitate barnacles found in the ocean. Together we created a mass that protruded different wire tubing and wires  at different length and color. The gold chain was draped along the bottom of the sculpture to compliment the pieces of metal wire as well as the negative space under the mass.


This relief sculpture was a result of our design narratives that we were to write. One had to come up with a story behind the relief sculpture that they created for the class. My story was about a man who was down on his luck, tried to end his life and in return finds the love of his life by fate. The narrative can be read by clicking here.

The sculpture was supported with a wood and wire base, creating the skeleton of the balloon, tree, and landscape. Tinfoil was used as 'muscle' to fill in space around the 'skeleton' to begin creating the shapes of the scene. Finally, Sculpey clay, laid as 'skin' on top of the structure. The detailing was made with a variety of different tools and various objects to complete its look. The whole relief was sprayed in white paint to give a matte finish, allowing the work to display highlight and shadows, making the work come to life.

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