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The Temptation

Creature character layout. © Anneka Cady 2018.


What I was using to help accomplish the look of my creature ranged between original concept design by artist Michael Kursche's Water Fairy from Oz, A Wonderful World and the build of the 'Mexican salamander', the axolotl. I wanted to approach making a figure that was more flesh-like in appearance. Features that I enjoyed about Kursche's design was the inclusion of large set eyes, eerie sets of teeth, wide set mouth, and an oblong head. However, I wanted to make the head to reflect more of the amphibious-humanoid figure, so I redesigned a bone structure under the eyes and in the jaw. I designed the body, wings, and flowing tail to be fleshy and translucent through the skin.

Concept by Michael Kursche of

© Disney Enterprises Inc.

* No reference image belongs to me. All rights are deserved to their original owner, artist, or company. Unmarked photos are hyperlinked to their sources.

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